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Teachers have an important place in education for tolerance made many studies. teachers in schools to the formation of the culture of tolerance and coexistence is one of the most important factors. Our study from this point teacher education nurturing institutions candidates to determine their views about tolerance. In order to discover this, one of the qualitative research patterns was used in Phenomenology. Afyon Kocatepe University Faculty of education, the right to Twenty-seven teacher candidates studying in different parts, semi-structured interview form with data collected, content analysis technique have been resolved. The content encoding of the data analysis process, codes under certain categories, which are the data which collects theme code and regulation according to themes and interpretation of findings with the defining phases occur. According to the findings of the teacher candidates the concept of tolerance; cultural, behavioral and affective as a value. according of teacher candidates are human and a teacher in terms of professional qualifications must be tolerant. Stating that university life contributes to being tolerant, teacher candidates believe that vocational knowledge courses have an impact on this.

Teacher Candidates, Value, Tolerant, University.


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