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Sultan İbrahim was reigned between 1640 and 1648 and his personality was highly disputed, although tehere was not an extraordinary event during his time. His father is I. Ahmed and his mother is Kösem Sultan. His brothers Osman and Murad were the sultans before him. In the 17th century, there were crises and changes in many areas of the Ottoman state in the political, economic, administrative, military and social areas. Furthermore, a very interesting situation occurred for the Ottoman dynasty. Because İbrahim is the only surviving male member of the Ottoman dynasty in the later period of Murad IV. This situation represented a risk for the reign of the Ottoman dynasty. Since he lived an isolated life in the palace for a long time, some of his inappropriate attitudes during his reign were considered a problem in his mental abilities. In fact, he withdrew from governmental affairs from time to time due to psychological disturbances of the period of his principles and, consequently, led to an increase in the influence of the people around him. This situation has caused deterioration of stability from time to time. The most important external event experienced in this period is the beginning of Cretan campaigns. In our paper, the events that took place during this period since the throne of Sultan İbrahim were examined. This period drew the attention of both Ottoman historians, Western ambassadors and travelers, and many works have been written. For this reason, the chronicle works that describe this period are mostly taken as a basis.

Sultan İbrahim, Campaigns of Crete, Kösem Sultan, Yusuf The son of Emîrgûne


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