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The Evaluation of Free Time from Ancient Times to the Present Day

In this study, the change which the concept of free time has got through as a part of human life from ancient times to the present day is discussed. Throughout history, generally, free time which is regarded as the opposite çaof labour, has been considered a time period that the upper class people as a result of class society; philosophers in Ancient Age, the clergy in the Middle Ages have. In this context, free time has been seen as an opportunity for self-realization as a human being instead of working physically like slaves, serfs. Free time has changed for quality and function; though, it is perceived as the remaining time after physical labour with capitalism. Within this period, free time has been made into a realm of necessities aimed at consumption serving capitalism rather than being a realm of freedom in which people realize themselves.

Leisure Time, Working, Consumption, Capitalizm, Industrialization


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