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Social change, shaped by the idea of enlightenment, has initiated a new era in the history of mankind with the conditions created. With this period called the Modern Age, individual and social life has become a scene of fundamental changes. Technological progress, industrialization, urbanization and capitalist economic order have profoundly influenced the fine arts as well as every field of life. Modernism, which emerged as a consequence of these influences, is conceptually used to accommodate the change in Western art from the beginning of the 20th century. However, it is not possible to say that a common view is reached about the characteristics of modernist arts. It should also be noted that in the evaluations made on the concept, consensus has been reached that modernist arts have radically changed in terms of language and form, which cannot be compared with previous periods. In connection with this change, the most prominent feature of modernist poetry is to expand the possibilities of its utterance as much as possible by taking the language center. Modernist poets, who see poetry as an aesthetic matter in their own right, have developed a language of poetry based on free associations while on this language they have expressed their reactions to the conditions created by modern life.

Modernity, Modernism, art, modernist poetry, society, human


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