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    Dergimiz 11. sayıdan itibaren elektronik olarak yayın hayatına devam edecektir.

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The basic poetic form of classical Turkish poetry is the Gazels. In the gazels basically topics such as dear, the beauties of dear, the characteristics of lover, lover, love for dears, the opponent and the fight of lover against opponents are processed. The dear who makes up the subject of the gazels may not only possess human characteristics may but also have divine properties. Whether it is human or divine, the poet has to have the characteristics that are settled in the tradition of lover and ıntroducing yourself as a dear. In poetry, dears can not act idly, can not take part in poetry with features that are not accepted by the tradition, can not simplify themselves as someone who pursues human emotions. In order to be in lover, it is necessary to take into consideration many difficulties, to have patience and tolerance to overcome the obstacles, to fight against the opponent, to show his persistence in love, be the slavery of dear. A person who can not pass through his being, can not sacrifice his life in the way of a dear, can not stand the pain of separation, can not submit to the persecution of his love and can not surrender to dear can not lover. In this study were chosen some couplets related with lovers from the gazels in the divans of Classical Turkish poets. These couplets were divided into subheadings according to the praise of themselves as the lovers of the poets. Under each heading, the subject was discussed and evaluated with the meanings of couplets.

Classical Turkish poetry, Gazel, Lover, Praise.


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