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Persian language and literature, with its rich history, wide range of influence and various dimensions, has an important position in world literature, especially in eastern literature. There is a close relationship between Persian and Turkish language and literature, as neighbouring regions. It is known that divan literature has been affected by Persian language since the classical era. Nowadays, modern Persian poetry differs from classical poetry in terms of content, form and style, language texture, point of view, expression style and structural aspect. Nima Yushij has known to be the pioneer of the modern Persian poetry.Nima has shown a great courage, which lead him to achieve a great success, to change the style of poetry with new ideas, new concepts, new words and expressions, different inscriptions and different similes. All these innovations eventually made it necessary for him to break old patterns and styles of poetry and, to overcome the available boundaries. Accordingly, these new ideas and concepts, new descriptions, new atmosphere and new frameworks required a new language and style of expression. Indeed, by using the criteria and frameworks that Nimâ's poems offered, the first steps in the new realistic poetry was set out and developed. Of course, parallel to this new style, classical Persian poetry, on the other hand, continued on its original way. In this work, the changes that Nima Yushij has made in modern contemporary poetry are discussed in terms of technique and the changes that the poet made on the thousand year old rooted structure of the Persian poetry.

Poem, Contemporary Poetry, Persian poetry, Nima Yushij


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