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     Nisan / 12  1 Kasım 2020 - 15 Mart 2021  30 Nisan 2021


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Associate undergraduate students of universities will start to work in various sectors after basic trainings they have taken during their university education. Decisions and career planning for life are one of the most important decisions they will make throughout their lives. With the increasing population in recent years, the number of associate degree departments of universities in our country has also increased rapidly. As a result of this increase, a large number of competitors have emerged in the process of getting students to work. Some undergraduate students want to graduate from a graduate program by transferring to a graduate program related to their field, while others want to be taken directly into business life. After choosing between these two options or choosing to work, the process of finding a job leads to a lot of worry in the students. The anxiety expressed as uncontrollable and unexplainable emotions comes out as a situation in which university students become worried about their daily life, friendship relations, social environments, in short, before and after their graduation. In this research, it was aimed to reveal the relations of the anxiety levels of the students of Osmancık Omer Derindere Vocational School of Hitit University and the factors affecting these anxiety levels, among which Office Administration students also have. In the survey, 'Personal Information Form' was used as a means of collecting personal information of participants and their demographic situation. Forty-item 'Trait Anxiety Scale' was used by Spielberger and colleagues to measure students' anxiety levels. In the study, the primary data obtained by the questionnaire were evaluated with SPSS 21.0 package program and descriptive statistics, standard deviation, t-test, variance analysis were included in the analyzes.

Anxiety, university student, graduated


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