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The task of the historian is to find the truth and to bring the right things together in order. The historian should understand and combine events by analyzing in a good way. For this reason, it is necessary to separate events from each other and reveal the truth. İn this context, the victories of the Turkish Army in Koprukoy and Azap Battles which took place at the very beginning of the First World War and look like kept in the background. It is estimated that the sadness created by Sarikamis Operation, which was carried out immediately afterwards, has a big share. At the very beginning of the First World War, the rapid withdrawal of the Ottoman border troops from the beginning of the Russian advance had been perceived as a serious opportunity by the famous Russian General Bergman. On November 4, 1914, the Russian army first advanced to Horasan and then to the Koprukoy region. III. Army Commander Hasan Izzet, who acts with the warning by Enver Pasha, attacked Russian troops on November 6th at Koprukoy at this time. Not only did he stop them, but he also defeated Bergman. This created a great opportunity for the Ottoman Army, but later on the attacks in the direction of Horasan, the army units were moved in pieces instead of being used as a whole, so the opportunity to completely destroy the Russians was abducted. If the operation carried out in the Koprukoy and Horasan regions was successful, perhaps it would not be necessary for the Sarikamis Operation and the history would change at the beginning. While these victories were being won, the Erzurum region people made great sacrifices. They carried the supplies and ammunition and some of these children froze to death in ways. The tribal regiments formed in this region also contributed to the victory by fighting with the army. Colonel Ziya Yergok, who shows great heroism in these wars, had said that “Allah gave us a pleasure of watching the Russians behind their backs for the first time since a long time.” The Russians had been defended around Aras River in Horasan after the result of the successes achieved in these battles. It is important that the victories under difficult conditions in Koprukoy and Azap Battles are revealed and transferred to future generations.

Anahtar Kelimeler


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