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    Makale Kabul Tarihi :  1 Nisan  - 15 Eylül 2020

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One of the issues that should be considered in teaching Turkish to foreigners is the consideration and evaluation of the elements of divan poetry. Divan poetry is increasing its interest to Turkish by its rich accumulation. One of the basic building blocks of a nation is culture. Language is an indispensable element of culture. Thousands of works written in Turkish and many subjects processed in these works add to the wealth of Turkish. The diversity of subjects in the Divan Literature, especially in the mathnawis, draws attention.The works written in various forms with the form of mathnavi poetry have enabled to be read and loved in a wide area of Turkish. These works which are written in plain Turkish and which process all the richness of the Turkish language to be handled and evaluated, to participate in the richness of Turkish by the material obtained and to expand the area of interest of Turkish are required. The short stories handled in the mathnawis are arouse curiosity on the reader. These stories in mesnevi in Turkish teaching to foreigners should be used as an important material both in the liking and teaching of Turkish. In this study, information about the mathnawis which constitute the rich material of divan poetry was given. Mesneviler was handled according to the subjects, and discussions were made on how these subjects would contribute to Turkish teaching. Examples from mathnawis written in different periods from different periods were taken and material was created to be the source of the topic. The material obtained was divided into subheadings according to the type of use in teaching. How to handle the material in teaching turkish to foreigners was discussed. The results obtained are presented.

Anahtar Kelimeler


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